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I am, at this time, July the 24th, 2009, well on my way to the ripe old age of ninety. I've enjoyed my blogging experience, I cherish the friendships gained and I appreciate all the kind and sometimes flattering comments I've received. I believe my thirty years spent on three different dairyfarms contributed to a few stories worth the telling. I also believe my years living the life of a fundamental Christian and my "rebirth" back to reality, has provided me with plenty of blog material worth passing along. I've written some poetry I deem worth the reading and while I am certainly not a skilled writer, I've written a few short stories, two books of poetry and a few essays, some of which I've used on my blogsite and others yet to be "published". After the family reunion come the end of July, the first of August, 09, I'll try to be a more frequent blogger.

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