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Perhaps The Blues?

Some time ago the brain within my skull recognized, and accepted the fact, that the body is aging. Now, if only it, too, would just begin to relax and allow the cares and tribulations that beset the world from each and every angle, become what it is: nothing more than future history. The morning paper, outside of the comic pages, held little of anything to cheer the cockles of my heart, so I turned television on. For all of about five minutes. Riots, bombings, death, injury, starvation, even children in the streets of a city in Brazil being accused of witchcraft and tortured for the crime. I then came on line to see if I had any email. I did.
I received an email from a friend requesting a copy of a poem I had referred to when I last emailed her. It had to do with the flattering way she sees me today and the way I remember the “me” who used to be. To you younger folk out there in blogland: a little flattery never hurts the elderly.


Even in my youth, I knew
there’d come a time I would be old
and live in quite another world—
a world I’ve reached but still not sold
on double chins and gaining weight,
on thinning hair and losing height
or wondering if my memory
is fading with my dimming sight.
I’ve fallen arches, wear false teeth,
I’ve little breath for ballroom dancing.
Heartless nature has deprived
me of all need for sweet romancing.
As I recall the graceful stride
that used to rate me sky-high points,
I should have known that time would cause
a certain stiffness in my joints.
My widening waist does not excite
wild passion in the other sex,
nor does my bustline cause, these days,
an anatomical reflex
the way it did when passing by
some guy with nothing on his mind
but being young and thinking me
the epitome of female-kind.

Alas, ’tis over, gone for good
but other virtues wait, I’m sure.
Just what they are, I do not know.
Old age finds me an amateur.

Mary A. Gallagher Kaufman


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Boiling Points

Just when I begin to wonder if I’ve really anything much to write about and pass along on “Meander With Me”, something comes along. Take for instance a single sentence I came upon while vising a blog a couple of days ago … I quote loosely. Any and all males with the slightest understanding of women, know that all they have to do to prove themselves right on any occasion is to give the poor, deluded, brainless, eager-to-be-dominated-by-men females, the time to adjust to the idea, period..
I’ve one regret, I didn’t read that particular blog some seventy years ago, because, and I seethe inside at myself for saying so … the miserable son-of-a-bitch who wrote that blog, the poor-excuse-of-a-man is, I’m sorry to say, mostly, right.
In an effort to help the average man hang on to his all too fragile ego, we women, all too often, allow the bastard to succeed in his goal of living his life on his terms and his terms only.
In spite of the above, I have to admit this: many men who succeed in rising to top executive positions, might not do so without putting their careers first and waiting for the women in their lives to … “get used to the idea”. I did.

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In a sense, I’ve taken a cruise: I’ve visited several webs without leaving a comment and wondering what I would use for today’s blog. I thought I’d comment on how much more complicated the instructional booklets that come with today’s appliances are than some thirty and more years ago, but I hate to think I might have to face the fact that perhaps my brain isn’t all that keen as it used to be. I have a separate unit for playing DVDs and VHS cassettes which fouls up the cable system on my television. So, I purchased a brand new, 19 inch television yesterday to be used strictly for DVs and cassettes. I can’t get the blame thing to work like it should, so, it’s off again to where I purchased the set for some one-on-one instruction. However, before adding this to my site, I’m going to add the following. I intend to, but don’t hang by your thumbs while waiting, to think over a reply to …
Religion has been so disruptive for so long to world peace and unity that plausible theories are never lacking. The problem, as I see it, is that the religious group espousing the therory, believe themselves to have the one and only answer. I’ll see what I can come up with. In the meantime, wish me well with conquering my present problem.

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